TLAMATINE -(the one who knows)

After our terrible experience in Xochimilco I didn’t sleep very well, every noise felt magnified, my emotions were high and my limbs felt tight and stressed. I was determined not to let it put us off the rest of the excursions we had planned and today was our time to visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacán.

Our brush with death made us reconsider our means of transportation. We had originally planned to take the metro downtown then bus it to the city of Teotihuacan, from there you can catch a shuttle to the pyramids. This would have been the most cost affective travel option but I just could not stomach anymore complications or mishaps. I googled the cost of an Uber from Coyoacán to Teotihuacan, it would be between £25-£40 each way for the two hour journey, I was more than happy to pay that.

Our driver was native to Mexico City and he was keen to brush up on his English, his conversational skills were second to none and the advice he gave to us was invaluable. As we arrived at the Aztec site, we were surprised with how organised and well presented the attraction was, our previous encounters with Mexican heritage sites have not sailed quite as smoothly. We enjoyed reading about the history throughout Mesoamerica and the ancient philosophies of the intellectual civilisation determined, in my mind, that we had all been here and done this all before.

The UNESCO world heritage site is an awe strikingly emotional experience. The feat of engineering goes above and beyond my intellectual capability and I struggle to believe that the ruins date back to the 1st millennium AD. As we arrive we walk down the Avenue of the Dead which at around 2 miles long, leads us to the Pyramid of the Moon. Before we reach the furthest Pyramid, to our right sits the Pyramid of the Sun. The height and width of the structure is jaw-dropping, never have I witnessed anything at such magnitude before.

My mum feels nervous to climb to the top, yet Ruby and I egg her on. We take breaks at each stage, I must admit it wasn’t easy to reach the summit. The view puts things into perspective as we outline the expansive perimeter of the ancient dwelling.

The trip down is just as challenging as our way up, as mum struggles with vertigo and balance, we all make it onto solid ground safely and continue to enjoy the ancient surroundings. As the afternoon sun rises and the heat increases, we make our way to the entrance and catch an Uber home.


Alas a day without troubles or strive, México I might just be warming towards you.

Long live the VEF and Jando is my Aztec QUEEN





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