The spirit of the beach 

I felt a surge of spirituality as I floated silently near the shore of Guardamar beach, the ebb and flow of the tide and the soft splash of each wave transported me from the crowded coastline, it mellowed my anxieties and produced an overwhelming feeling of calm. I thought about the sea-water and the replenishments it fed my body, After all, all life originated in the ocean. Recharging with magnesium, iodine, potassium, sodium, calcium, and other minerals and amino acids found within the water. The pleasure of a free mind and a weightless body is an experience I should treat myself to more frequently.

The sea is full not only of children carelessly playing, but the elderly too and I bet that is the key to a long, healthy Mediterranean life. The improvement in cardio and boost of the immune system as well as anti-inflammatory effects and the refreshing sensation through your mind and body, it is a proven fundamental element and the elixir of life. I lay placid, floating for a lengthy half hour, carefree, worry-free and calm.

My serenity never lasts long with a nine year old and I am almost concussed from the whack of her surf board- it’s time to play. We are at the coast for over four hours and my body feels battered from the sun as we leave. The siesta makes more sense the further I advance into our journey and I’m glad we chose to relax after a week of intense sight-seeing. Another few days filled with sun and sea, means I will be set up and ready for our journey back home. I could never tire of these surroundings, they only make me more eager to visit them more.

Long live the VEF and I wish I was a SeaQueen!


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