The peace of wild things

Having mastered the trains and picking up a little Spanish on my journey, I wish I can start over and do it all again. I guess the fun of this experience lies in the fumbles and the mishaps that we have made along the way. Ruby and I have started a collection of tickets, maps and memorabilia of all our fuck ups (excuse my French) and it’s something we will pull out and chuckle at in years to come.

It’s hard to described the feeling of awakening within the comfort of a superior hotel room, any place I can get my head down, I’m happy with, but it absolutely polishes things off when the air con is set precisely and your Egyptian cotton sheets hug you neatly, the black out from the curtains is a little detail we had gone without and the envelope of darkness allowed us to sleep past ten.

Stretching contently we ordered breakfast in bed- coffee and tostada with tomato and olive oil, made it a little easier to get up and at it. I had promised Ruby upon our arrival in Alicante that we would spend a day at the pool and we pleasantly soaked in the Costa Brava sun. The temperature in Madrid reached 40 degrees but somehow seemed cooler and easier to gain comfort than Alicante. By the time my dad had reached us from his 11am flight, my legs resembled a pair of bratwurst sausages minus the buns.

Keen to relax into his month long break, my Dad enjoyed the comforts of the poolside bar. My sensitive skin sizzling in the lounger, not yet allowing myself to surrender to the relief of indoors, I lay and baked until early evening. Still hopelessly insufficient at the notion of relaxing, I managed to get through two hard-back books and the Sunday paper plus supplements that my Dad had brought me. I only saw Ruby when she needed refreshed and she played happily all day by the pool with new friends she had met.

Hospes Amerigo is situated in the heart of Alicante at the foot of Castillo de Santa Barbara, overlooking the Marina and the soft, white sands of the beach. Featured as a ‘Design Hotel’ the ancient Dominican Convent, features Juliet balconies and arched neo-gothic windows, with a double height ceiling and marble finishing, it was a treat I could not have been more thankful for.

Always keen to spoil his girls a dinner aboard the Santisima Trinidad – a Spanish Galleon in Alicante Harbour, followed by a stroll around the marina, a turn on the Ferris wheel and a few whiskey Sours, was my Dad’s way of saying, I love you, which completed another amazing day, in an amazing country, on our amazing adventure.

Long live the VEF and I’m not coming home QUEEN.


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