‘ I taut I taw a puddy tat ‘ – Tweety Pie

Pre-booking our tickets online made entry to the Warner Bros theme park amazingly easy. Scanning the barcode from my iPhone allowed us to jump the long queues and head straight to the water park, passing through Hollywood Boulevard and Gotham City, Parque Warner reminded me of Universal Studios Orlando, with its mock tenements, saloons, gas stations and sidewalks.


It was Ruby who discovered the theme park whilst researching Madrid online and I was reluctant to visit, due to the high and intense heat (over 40 degrees). Set out into distinct districts including Superheroes World, Cartoon Village, Old West Territory and The Beach, the park was utterly fantastic, the eight hours we spent there passed in the blink of an eye and it was a welcome change to the historical sites we had visited previous.


It took around an hour to reach Parque Warner from our nearest train station-Sol, travelling to Pinto and then onto the park by shuttle bus. The train was expensive (50euros adult, 40euros child) with no conductor present to check tickets, in hindsight I would have only purchased one ticket, as Ruby insisted on passing through the station gate together anyway. Lunch at the park gave little options to vegetarians or healthy eaters- our only option was fast food (chips!!) I would suggest bringing a packed lunch and although this was prohibited (I checked the rules online), no one checked our bags or belongings.


The colourful map made navigation through the park easy and it gave useful information as to the pace of each ride – soft, moderate, intense which made our approach more resourceful and time manageable. With something for everyone I would highly recommend the trip out to Parque Warner and I am sure Ruby would agree….


‘At the Warner brothers park we went swimming at the water park, there was chutes, waves and sprinklers. My favourite part of it was the chutes and the waves, we stayed at the water park for about three hours then went and got something to eat. I got pizza and my mum got a BIG cup of chips. After the water park we went to the theme park, first we went to the super man area, in the super man area we went on the massive swings and The Joker’s ride. At the massive swings you sit on a seat and it got you really high and you spin round and round really really fast, at the jokers ride you went in little cars and banged into people. My favourite one was the swings. Next we went to the Wild West area, in the Wild West area we went on the water ride and the spinning Waltzers. The water one was when you go up really high and their is a big big BIG water slide and in about ten seconds you go right down it, I got a lot of butterflies, in the spinning Waltzers you sat in a bucket and it spun you around really fast. We were gonna go on the haunted house one but we were to scared so we just left it. My favourite ride at the Wild West was the water one it was so so scary. After the Wild West area we went to cartoon village, we went on a lot of rides here but my favourite one was the ACME factory which is a water ride and you sit in boats and you go really fast on water and you get splashed by water I also liked seeing bugs bunny’s house, it was really really cool. Then we went to the Hollywood area but that had no rides it just had shops but it was still cool. After the Hollywood area we went back on the bus and back to the hotel. I had a great day.’ – RUBY

Long Live the VEF and Looney Tune the QUEEN!

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