As One Door Closes Another Door Opens…


 I’ve never been great as a regular nine to fiver, the confinements and control of another mortal dictating where I must be and when has never sat neatly with me. The confinements of being stuck in one iterate position generates me to convulse, tremble and shudder to the core. This may be mistaken as an unwillingness to work or observe as a limited pull of my weight but these ideas lack substance, whereas the dated structure that some employers remain to work fall culpable.

I read and hear stories of flexible hours and government initiatives which allow employers and employees to contribute adequate time of employment to suit both, therefore maximising profitable possibilities and allowing full potential from each party. Laws are in place as to not exceed too much stress on individuals or create risk on health, therefore, breaks in the working day to refuel physical and mental energy go without saying, right? The legislation of The Working Time Regulations 1998 certainly says so.

As 2016 gallops around us and envelops us in the gust of its momentum, I observe ideas of balanced living and zen lifestyles, where you can commit to your busy work schedule and still enjoy family life, social activities plus mental and physical wellbeing. I’m stationary in understanding and trying to gain insight as to why some business owners are continually stumbling to put procedures in place or to build on these new outlooks and nurture the individuals that work so industriously for them. Instead creating a totalitarian like regime where it’s difficult to find the time or ask permission to take advantage of a human right (freedom of fluid) to use the toilet.

The wonderfully inspiring world of hairdressing grabbed my attention seven years ago, when I plunged head first into an artistic genre I knew very little about, I allowed myself to be swallowed up by a creative fuzz which wrapped itself around every inch of my being and coated me with knowledge and understanding of the expressive and technical form, I have continually pushed, pulled, gripped and pinned my way into making a success in the abundant industry. It’s an easy career to fall in love with, I can change a sullen mood with the flick of a brush or the curl of a tong, spark a contrasting mindset or a fresh outlook with the snip of my scissors or the grade of my clippers. I can change the shape of a woman’s face, knock ten years of a man’s age or make a bride feel like a princess. I gain trust like no other and build relationships that span decades, I can set trends and move fashion, I am involved in celebrations, milestone birthdays, marriages, holidays and births. I can give endless opportunities, an unmeasurable confidence and bring new beginnings.

The influence of fashion and the desire to look younger, coupled with economic growth and the associated increase in real disposable income, as the cost of many basic items now takes a smaller proportion of consumers’ budgets, there is increased scope for discretionary spending on services, therefore creating lucrative opportunities for willing cosmetologists. The growth of the health/beauty industry and the increase of ageing population in the UK will multiply the need to cater for a wider age range of clients, opening up growth in an industry already worth over 6 Billion Pounds. Unfortunately the murky world of status and greed can creep into and cloud the vibrancy of the trade. Client care and customer focused service can often be forgotten as quantity overpowers quality. Viewing your craft with tunnel vision, immovable strategies and unworkable relationships can hinder progression and if money is your sole ambition, then no guarantee of happiness and/or continual success can be put in place.

Realisation is the vital key in growth and development and I feel fortunate to unlock the corporate and competitive ball and chain of a large salon group and take the plunge into self employment, opening up endless possibilities as I continue to work alongside established creatives within Scotland, London and Paris. I look forward to welcoming clients, old and new on the start of my new journey, based at Blu Hair and Beauty where I will build my own business. Blu, is situated on South Tay Street in Dundee’s Cultural Quarter, the established salon has held a loyal following for many years and share my relaxed, client focused ethos. I love my job and I genuinely care.

Please contact the salon directly or drop me a message on Gigi Bobs Your Hair’s business page for any enquiries or appointments.

May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way…

Long Live The Vef and All Hail Gigi, The Coiffure Queen.


4 thoughts on “As One Door Closes Another Door Opens…

  1. Vote with your feet, I say. It’s deeply discouraging that such a well respected and seemingly forward thinking business in Dundee would stifle staff in this way. They clearly don’t respect the creative talent that gives them the good name. Glad I’ve managed to track you down and will hopefully get an appointment with you at Blu this week or next x


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