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Ganton off Carnaby was the meeting point.

Wine still in the bottle and wrapped in paper was the drink of choice and the plans of the night ahead was the topic of conversation.  The Velvet Elvis Foundation shared their first London vacay together, even though it was certainly short it sure as hell was super sweet.

Panic on the streets of soho, mischief and mayhem at Trafalgar Square, equipped with Jaddery’s SLR and social media documentation well in abundance, the girls were sure not to disappoint friends and followers alike.

Whilst I headed back to 8 Northumberland, the venue for tonight’s event the annual, prestigious Scottish Fashion Awards and our home for the evening, a luxury suite gifted by Daddy Warbucks aka Papa Scanlan.

The remaining VEF girls frolicked fancy free, bombarding VEF enthusiast and encourager, Mr. Mike Press with short films containing predominately drunken interviews under the guise Gill…

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