“What you are is what you have been. Who you will be is what you do now.”

I awakened spiritually around four years ago when I first discovered the law of attraction. I read a book detailing the new thought philosophy and it changed entirely my thought process, my outlook and my self perception. Previous to my discovery I believe I lived a half life. I took things for granted, I treated myself and others poorly, my self esteem was low, my outlook bleak and although I had ambition, I struggled to find the right way to channel my creative energies. I moaned a lot and fought with the idea that I may be hard done by. I would sulk if I didn’t get my own way and I would often blame anyone but myself for my constant unhinged behaviour. 
I would describe the law of attraction the same way as I would describe the law of gravity. You cant physically see it but you know that it’s there. It exists. It’s the idea that like attracts like. Whatever you think and feel, you will get the same in return. If your thoughts were physical they would be multiplied and gift or hinder you with what your mood requests. I imagine a mirror somewhere in the universe and my thoughts reach out and reflect from the mirror and radiate me with the positive energies I’ve trained myself to produce. I now feel more connected and tuned in, I’m aware of life around me and my place on earth, my instincts are sharp, my goals are focused and I’ve learned by taking responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and actions I can attract to myself anything I want. 
The simple rule of ask and you will receive is not a recent discovery and a nod towards this maxim recurs through many religious texts, exchanging the word universe for simply, faith. The genie of the lamp may be another depiction and the law creeps up in many genres of literature and art. Further investigation into the history and adaptation of the new age principle led me to divulge in the study of astrology and cosmic ordering. The phase of the moon or the consistent ebb and flow of the tide has considerable effect on earth, the cosmos and ourselves as human beings. I believe that the key to success and happiness may well be written in the stars. 
It’s taken me four years of self exploration to reach where I am now. I have broken down unsupportable relationships, built new sustainable ones and guided myself on a lucrative path, pulling and gaining credible accolades within my chosen career field. I have refreshed bonds with my close family and created comfortable surroundings, all through the realisation and appreciation of my own energy vibrations. In doing so I have attracted people on the same wave length, allowing me to generate a positive and incredibly happy life. 
Last weekend I spent four remarkably inspiring days working in London. I had once again been asked by freelance, session stylist Gary Gill to be part of his creative team which involved styling the hair for four shows at London Collection: Men’s. As I arrived on day one, prepared for action at the Rory Parnell Mooney spring/summer 2016 collection, I realised I wasn’t just lucky by this opportunity, I made my own luck. I asked for this. Way back when I first started my hairdressing career, I knew I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry and London Fashion Week was my goal, the universe gave me that and I’m grateful for the experience it delivered.
 I accompanied Gary on the test shoot for Xander Zhou and appreciated participation amongst the stylist, designer, make up and hair and being on set when the look was finalised gave me an advantage on the day and allowed me to deliver exactly what Gary, the head stylist envisioned. I joined the team at the Christopher Raeburn show and having worked on Christopher’s last collection I enjoyed viewing the progression from the autumn/winter collection into spring/summer. My favourite show this season came from Bobby Abley, as a fan of the designer I anticipated his latest contribution. Completely inspired by blockbuster movie Star Wars, Bobby’s collection included ‘Princess Slayer’, ‘Chewy’ and ‘Super Duper Storm Trooper’. The fun statement pieces gained cheers from the excited crowd and I’m eager to get my hands on a piece from the eye catching collection. 
The fashion industry is less fickle than I ever imagined and my nervous feeling of angst was lifted immediately with the warm welcome and great laughs amongst my fellow team mates, organisers and contributors of each show. I spied with my little eyes a few celebrities amongst revellers including, Tinie Tempah, David Gandy and Christopher Millington. I was also papped myself for street style blogs including Grazia. 
During my time in the fashion capital I seized the opportunity to catch up with my group of best friends and enjoyed spending time with Karlene, Rennie and Titi. I had the pleasure of a night out at Shoreditch House with Darren and Ryan Malloy. But what really set the trip apart was a catch up with BJ Panda Bear, an LA based DJ, Blogger, Stylist, Party Boy and newly appointed Real Estate Realtor, a friend I haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with for nearly eight years. 
The law of attraction is a firm rule I plan to abide by and I encourage others to try it too. 
Long live the VEF and your ambitions and dreams are written on the stars QUEEN. 


‘All a guy needed was a chance’ – Charles Bukowski 

Being one of five daughters I’m often asked out of curiosity what my experience was like growing up in a house predominately resided by women. Questions such as ‘Were there a lot of arguments?’ ‘Was there a race for the bathroom each morning?’ And statements such as ‘your poor dad’ and ‘it must have been a mad house’ often structure the conversation as my automatic response is ‘I have never known any different’. When I think in depth about the above topic and the magnitude of having so many sibling influences, especially female, I discover the generous gift of four sisters that our parents bestowed on each of us. We can share each other’s achievements and experiences to make our lives more interesting, credible and fun. The only people that made our place a mad house was the people who conceived us. 
I remember laughing a lot as a kid, more than ever my affectionate laughter directed towards my elder sister Hayley with whom all my influence was laid upon. Anything she did, I did too and I happily bloomed in her shadow. I was also an emotional kid, hit hard at little and my deep emotions have continued to drown me in adulthood. Affected deeply by others actions I often found myself questioning the misfortunes of the world. Unable to find the answers I longed for I often found myself retaliating my emotions in a negative manner, a way I have only recently been able to resolve. 
Attributes of both parents have devotedly been passed on to the five girls. I subconsciously picked up my mothers way with words as well as her gift of laying her own feelings aside and welcoming nature. From my father I gained structure and determination. I often try to fight my strict mannerisms and meticulous behaviour, then realise the potential such distinctions can bring. 
I can see my parents in all my siblings, each in a different way. Beth shares my mum’s warmth and Ellie has picked up on my dad’s no nonsense behaviour. Ruadhan, similar to myself wears her heart on her sleeve but there is more to her than that. She’s switched on, tuned in and has gained the most talent of all. 


Less Common More Sense. The brainchild of my second youngest sister is a credible display of thought, initiative and team work. Contributing once more with Lauren Stephen, a newly graduated journalism student from Edinburgh University with whom Ruadhan created the applaudable ‘YES’ zine. The two Dundee born lassies have created a dynamite connection and their artistic ideas seem to bounce off each other to create electrifying results. Using the relevant and popular ‘Pop Up Shop’ blueprint as the foundation of their latest contribution the duo called for local Dundee artists, makers and shakers to congregate at the notable Magdalene Green Bandstand and sell their wears under the umbrella of ‘Less Common More Sense’. The project at Dundee’s West Fest seen collaboration from well known fashion designers such as Hayley Scanlan and Kerrie Alexander as well as prints from under the radar photographers Neil Roy and Burnt Out Bongo. Stand out prints came from Stolen Computer and Ian Lyall, both with whom I plan to add to my own personal collection. The enterprise generated a lot of interest throughout the festival and I have confirmation that this will not be the last you see of this dynamic duo. 
Early autumn sees exploration of Australia for Lauren but the girls have promised to take ‘LessCommonMoreSense’ to more venues this summer, creating more opportunity for budding artists! 
Long live the VEF and the LCMS girls are my artistic QUEENS.