‘There was once a little red lighthouse. It was very, very proud. Everyday a man came to turn on his signal and he helped guide the ships up the Hudson River. 

One day more men came and began to dig and build. They built a HUGE grey bridge and the red light house felt very, very small. 

The great grey bridge had flashing lights and made the lighthouse feel useless and unloved. The man had not been to switch on his signal. 

A huge storm approached New York and a boat crashed into the rocks just by the lighthouse and smashed into tiny pieces. 

The little red lighthouse was really, really mad with the great grey bridge and screamed- ‘WHY DIDNT YOU HELP!?’

To which the bridge replied-‘Little brother it is your job to guide the ships, my lights are for aeroplanes. You look after the water and I look after the sky.’ 

The little red lighthouse felt worthy again but sad he couldn’t help the wrecked ship. The man in charge came running towards the lighthouse, angry and upset as kids had taken his keys and he promised that the little red lighthouse’s light would never shine out again. 

From then on The Little Red Light House shone brightly next to his big brother, The Great Grey Bridge. 


If you don’t believe us then go visit for yourself.’ 

A summary of ‘The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge’. Written at JFK Airport by Ruby Scanlan 05/17/15. 

The first day we arrived in New York City, we met a very helpful man. He told us of a very famous book written in 1942 by Hildegarde H. Swift and Lynd Ward, The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge. The man suggested we find a copy of the book, search for the little red lighthouse and read it under the great grey bridge. 

We found ours in Chelsea Market and on our last day in New York, we travelled by subway to W175th street, to the banks of the Hudson River. We read the most inspirational story at the most picturesque location. We thank the man for the most beautiful idea, it was the perfect ending to a holiday of a lifetime. 

New York we love you. 

Long live the VEF and thank you to my dad, for without him our adventures may have not been half as exciting, it may have only been a dream QUEEN.  

Ruby’s Top Ten Places to Visit if you’re a Kid Hanging Out in New York. 

10. CHINATOWN. The ornate street decorations are very beautiful and the streets smell good. 

9. THE SMITH (restaurant) E51st.

The best pancakes and maple syrup. 

8. BROOKLYN ICE-CREAM FACTORY. Yummy ice-cream, a nice building and a cool, cool bridge. 

7. PLAZA HOTEL. It featured in Home Alone 2 you know! They also had a nice kids menu and delicious chocolate brownies. 

6. CRACK IS WACK PLAYGROUND. If you like art, Keith Haring’s original graffiti is the best you can get. 

5. STATUE OF LIBERTY. I like how she is blue and you get to go on a boat to visit her. 

4. TOYS R US (Time Square) FAO SCHWARZ (Park Ave). The biggest toy shops I’ve ever been in. 

3. CENTRAL PARK. Strawberry Fields is so beautiful as is all the park, my mum likes it here.

2. AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. If you like Night at the Museum go see this, especially The Hall of African Mammals. 

1. THE LITTLE RED LIGHTHOUSE AND THE GREAT GRAY BRIDGE. You can pretend your in the story book and the lighthouse looks just as I imagined.    

Ruby Scanlan 



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