‘I am not strange. I am just not normal.’ -Salvador Dalí

Yesterday was one of those days. We had grand plans of visiting the Museum of Modern Art and then on to Luna Park, Coney Island. 

With no map but a rough idea of where MoMA is situated, we set off. The women in the gift shop the previous evening told us 86th and 5th so we trekked through Central Park towards our destination. Upon reaching 86th street we understood not only were we at the wrong side of the park we were 30 blocks north of our desired location. A hunt for the nearest subway found us on Museum Mile and we made the decision to head for Coney Island, bypassing our previous plans. 

Our blisters, blisters had blisters and the heat had disfigured my hands into resembling bratwurst sausages, the subway train South was a welcome escape. We may have been on the train around 20 minutes before I realised our direction, a horrible feeling of disorientation left me panicky and helpless as we discovered we had certainly left Manhattan but were now in Queens the complete opposite direction of where we should be going. My previous encounters outside the UK have always been in the company of other adults, it’s easy to decipher tricky situations when sharing the load. Think logically. 

Managing to find our way to Grand Central Station was a blessing in disguise. I had visited before and didn’t think it would have been of interest to Ruby. I was wrong, she stood gazing at the astronomical ceiling in the main concourse and enjoyed split leaping through the stations vast space. Downing a glass of wine and regaining my strength and composure, we correctly located the Museum (which turned out to be only two blocks from our hotel.) and decided to revert back to plan A. 

MoMa is just the right size with the most perfect collection of art from the worlds most idolised artists. I have an emotional connection with Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo is an artist I have studied and admired for a long time. I’m completely obsessed with Warhol and Pollock, whilst Rivera makes me think and reflect. Dali made me stop and get lost in his work and I was overwhelmed with the size and the pastel colours of Monet. 

You can converse with Ruby about most things and art is one of them. She soaks things up and remembers every small piece of information. Whilst learning about primary and secondary colours in her first year at school, she was introduced to Kandinsky and has since discovered more on the Bauhaus movement, she can tell you more than many on colour theory and her favourite artist is Paul Klee, she was excited to see the original Cat and Bird along with other pieces of both Klee and Kandinsky’s work.    

We spent the entire evening at MoMA and then onto Uniqlo who collaborated with the museum in producing some great art T-shirts. A few purchases made then we retired to the hotel for an evening of white wine, dim sum’s and jenga. 

All is well that ends well. 

Long live the VEF and we ended up in Queens QUEEN.  


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