My adult relationship with exercise has never been steady. I use every excuse to talk myself out of partaking in a keep-fit class, team sports or joining the gym. I’m excruciatingly busy, I could never find the time, I’m terribly tired after a long shift at the salon or I can’t seem to get a babysitter are a few I regularly use.

I suppose I’m lucky, I’m petite, I’ve never had an issue with my weight and I am educated in cooking and eating well. My diet is made up of an abundance of fruit and vegetables, fish, eggs and plenty water. I rarely eat meat and binge occasionally on fast food. I lack a sweet tooth and the only time I’ve worn bigger than a dress size eight was when I was carrying child.

Alcohol is my Achilles heel, red wine in particular. I lean on the ruby liquid and use it to aid my exhaustion, stress and allow it to create a pillow of relaxation around me, pushing out any anxieties and creating a fuzzy warmth of nothingness. Freedom to misbehave and forgetting the drone of mundane everyday life and the pressures it brings. Unfortunately repercussions are high and inevitably we are all aware of the flip side to alcohol abuse and weight gain is only just the tip of the iceberg.

As a child I was extremely sporty and trained in gymnastics, dance and athletics. I represented my Country in 800m and 1500m, you can still find my name in record books for the fastest times in each distance. I studied a degree course at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and although I never pursued any of these disciplines further I believe they shaped my body in flexibility, a suitable core and muscle memory needed to maintain a slender physique.

Age thirty hit and so did the wine and my slim features started to puff outwards, creating a roundness I had never noticed before. Weight gain is silent, it moves in mysterious ways, creeping upon us when we least expect it. It comes in different forms and it can be quite difficult to detect especially when your body shape changes but your clothes still fit…

Is a form of suspension and resistance training that includes bodyweight exercises which are aimed at developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability. It consists of two straps allowing the user to create a variety of exercise moves and positions. The system is multifunctional and can be used at the gym, at home and outside.

Darren Tait has developed a unique course using the suspension method aptly named Circus Body Core. Famed for his stunts and background in Cirque du Soleil, this exceptional TRX Guru has brought his strength to Dundee and is applying the circus method in a three day workout programme with guaranteed results.

I don’t recall signing up to a 10 day intensive course in Circus Body Core Training but for some reason it came about…

Day 1, I’m full of enthusiasm and in the zone. My mind is focused and the workout is fun yet tough. I finish with tiring muscles and a breakout of sweat. I feel energised and excited
for my days ahead.

Day 2, I’m steady and stable on each move. I feel surprisingly stronger than yesterday and can easily perform powerful moves on the door.

Day 3, I train at the park, I feel fresh, able and love the freedom space brings within my training.

Day 4, I start work at 9am and wake at 6.30am to train, I’m weak, tired and every inch of my body aches. My muscles shake and my body disallows what my mind controls it to do. I break down in the kitchen and shed a few tears. My enthusiasm is gone, I hate TRX.

Day 5, Rest Day (thank god).

Day 6, I’m starting to look for excuses. I deliberately look for a mild argument with Darren so not to continue with my training. I go to bed in the huff. Another rest day (whoops).

Day 7, I’m back on it but still not enjoying it. My mind has lost focus and I shout and scream at my bewildered teacher for losing count. I complete my workout but with little effort. I still hate TRX.

Day 8, Back at the park, in my opinion TRX is best done outside. I’ve regained my posture, focus and strength. I kill it and it feels good. My body aches but my ability has increased and I turn a corner.

Day 9, I’m hanging off trees, balancing on one elbow and scaling stairs backwards like Spider-Man. My body shape has changed as has my outlook. I’m back in the game and love TRX.

Day 10, Is tomorrow, my final day. A short, sharp workout before work will give me energy and control for my day ahead. I will model in Hayley Scanlan’s spring/summer 15 show and will walk the catwalk with pride, knowing the hard work and effort I’ve put into getting my body in shape.

Circus Body Core is tough. It’s not for the faint hearted and wimps may not need apply. I will stress one thing, it works and the results are utterly unreal. I’m sold and my TRX journey will continue.

GET INTOUCH! Sign up or miss out.

Long live the VEF and check Gigi the fitness QUEEN.


The above photos were taken 8 days apart.

image image image image image image image image image image


  1. Wow spider women. Go miss Scandalous amazing results.
    Laughing at all the same excuses I make to excersice. Untill I got sir Newton Alba.


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