‘Think of the power of the universe — turning the Earth, growing the trees. That’s the same power within you — if you’ll only have the courage and the will to use it.’- Charlie Chaplin

We are all defined then redefined by our ever changing moods. Judged by our attitude, how we carry ourselves and how we treat others. Many factors can alter and shift all of the above including, our surroundings and environment, weather and seasons, menstrual cycle and illness or situation and circumstance. Ultimately the biggest movement would come from those around us with whom we choose to spend our time with. Friends carry with them an untainted gift of enlightenment that can give the receiver the ability to reach a higher plane of happiness and a profound higher consciousness that provides strength and ability to conquer things that you alone may perceive to be unreachable. Thought attracts thought and behaviour breeds behaviour, synchronisation comes from within, as without knowing we magnetically pull towards us, people with the same outlook as our own. Creating together an abundance of wealth, love and happiness.

I return home from London exhausted, the copious amount of red wine consumed has left a purple haze along my smile and my insides are sure to resemble pickled beetroot. My legs ache and my chest is excruciatingly heavy, my skin looks dull and sunken with a mild breakout due to an abundance of rich food and alcoholic pleasantries. An air of guilt circles me as I think back to the weekends escapades. Am I really allowed to have so much fun?

My lethargy will subside and my body will recuperate, my spots will fade but what won’t disappear is the memory of an epic trip with the people I call my friends.

From watching Dandy Pike on stage at Leicester Square with Karlene and Titi, then there after being filmed by passers by whilst performing hits from Chicago and other popular musicals on the London Underground. A low point being kicked off ‘stage’ by an angry busker as a furious women screamed ‘SHUT UP, YOU CANT SING’ at the top of her lungs. Titi near hanging off Putney Bridge as we persuaded two entertained evening strollers to purchase more wine with us.

The next day only just making it to idilic Richmond, where Darren treated me to a beautiful lunch on the Thames, surrounded by row boats and swans, he even insisted on carrying my bags to Shoreditch, where before partaking in some pole dancing at Ryan Malloy’s house, we scoured the streets looking to get Darren’s face tattooed. An eventful and hilariously funny day, we eventually retired exhausted to our trendy hotel.

Darren’s birthday arrived and I quickly changed my previous plans to keep a smile on the birthday boys face, we walked across London to Berwick Street Soho for Record Day. Live music, street drinking and our encounter with Anna, Josh, Davie, Gramps and co set up the day as a birthday to remember. Traffic cones in hand with a bucket load of bravado and a shot glass of wit, Davie and Darren lampooned the crowds with some hilarious outbursts and some rather crude remarks. I won’t go into too much detail on ‘The Scratch Card’ which left us all in fits of uncompromising laughter. Leaving the Dundee Mob behind we headed to Brixton where we were greeted by Josh Bob and Co, who had kindly arranged a wild evening of celebrations for Mr Pike. My first encounter with the crowd who took me in as one of there own, an exceptional bunch that know how to party, the whole house was still a buzz when we left late the next morning.

A famous Brick Lane curry and then wrapped up in bed was how I spent my last evening in the big smoke, where I reminisced at not only the great time I had but also the incredible and talented people I had met in my few short days. It made me realise that if we all continue to elevate each other’s energies, we can create amazing things, giving us what truly has meaning in life…

‘Generosity, kindness, honesty, humour – Makes us truly rich’ – Waylon Lewis.

Long Live the VEF and look after your friends, they’re your true QUEEN(s).

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