The Path of the Disciplined Pioneer

She was instantly captivated by this bearded brute.

Devilish by name, perilous by nature.

Like two capering fools they mischievously made their way to a damning night of lustrous passion.

Unaware of his approach or the demon of his trident, her body ached from the urgency of his love making.

It  was a good ache.

From her nakedness, raucous with delight, she yearned for his gallant form.

Muscled like a bull and charactered straight from a Dickensian tale.

She slept in his arms and fled in the morn, frightened by his mythical presence.


Her resistance gave way formidably and like a magnetic force they were pulled together.

Longing with ferocious thirst, excitement embroiling every inch of her pulsating body.

A lifetime since she had him last.

He dramatically undressed, her eyes lingering across his robust physique.

Lust encapsulates fear, his powerful advance weakening her resilient might.

Once again she was his.

They spent the night sewing seeds and laying foundations of what may be a considerable blend.

Sharing laughter and warmth, her apprehension subsided and he had her heart.

He left in the night.

She languished in forlorn, when would the hands of fate bring them together again.

 image image  imageimageimage

Inspiration for poems from noir images by Jacques Biederer

Long live the VEF and felix sit natalis dies QUEEN!

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