What do you get if you cross a trip to Aberdeen to hang out with your pals and an amazing indie rock band with filming a short comedy movie with an elaborate bunch of hard working, passionate, talented creatives and judging a Graphic Design competition to ‘Rebrand Dundee’ at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design? A bloody great weekend, that’s what and it’s exactly where my adventurous impulses have taken me this week.

Expertly engaging the rip-roaring crowd, beat after beat of The View classics. The dedicated fans ravenous and hungry for more, it’s an inspiring reminder of a decade’s success as the boys have lost little vigour and zero musical strength. Hits like Same Jeans and Shock Horror combined with tracks from up and coming album ROPEWALK which sees general release on 8th June 2015. A few dates into their current tour The View had no sympathy with their loyal crowd, giving them exactly what they wanted whilst they riotously bounced through each track, expertly reciting each word, the five musicians willingly performing their craft with perfection. The View were certainly ON FIRE!

image    image

The band joined us just a few hours earlier as we arrived at the Radisson Park Hotel. I was on my musical adventure with The Family Crew, a collective of best friends who have grown up together, as have their children, creating a bond few could sever. Angie, Gail, Gill, Karlene and I, unique in force, a strength in partying and queens of side-splitting hilarity. It’s no surprise 10 of us squeezed into Gail’s executive room to demolish the upgraded free mini bar, whilst Gill handed out banana and ginger loaves for the group to enjoy on their tour bus. A quick strut to the venue, camouflaging our shop bought drinks, we arrived at The Garage just as The View picked up their instruments. We partied from the side of the stage, screaming every lyric and soaking in the atmosphere, thereafter we continued backstage, singing musicals, eating pizza and giving lead singer Kyle a makeover before heading off through the pretty streets of Aberdeen towards the after show party. A packed out venue with a decent playlist, Karlene, Rennie, Kyle and I sat comfortably sharing drinks and sharing stories, a calm and sophisticated approach (we must be getting old). A nod from the tour manager and it was time for the tour bus to leave, seeing the boys on the next leg of their circuit around the UK. Friends, fans and groupies saying their farewells as the family crew slipped next door, where we indulged in copious amounts of curry sauce, chips and cans of Irn Bru. How very Rock n Roll.

image       image

I awoke the next morning feeling considerable fresh, excited for the next chapter awaiting me in Dundee…

Six inch wooden clogs, skin tight flared jeans and mutton chops which had almost taken over the entire face. Northern Soul classics belting out as I made my way into the seedy gents toilet. No I hadn’t travelled back in time and found myself at Wigan Casino, I was on set of the amazing collaboration of three creative geniuses, Darren Tait, Dylan Drummond and Tammy Shaw. A concept dreamed up by comedian Darren and brought to life by the three, a short film released within a matter of days and I was lucky enough to be asked along to style the hair on the production aptly named ‘The Shave’. Hesitant to give to much away, The Shave is the first partnership for the productive trio and I have a feeling it’s the start of many. Authentic costumes, realistic location, out of this world dance moves, clever camera work and the undoubtable vision gives me butterflies in my belly with anticipation of the final product. My lingering hangover swept away with the enthusiasm of the cast as I beamed with pride at being involved in such a cool project.

image image

No rest for the wicked as an early start the next morning seen me meet Irving Miskell Reid at Duncan of Jordanstone, where along with Jennifer Caswell and Karen Tocher we judged a competition for second year Graphic Design students who were set the task of ‘Rebranding Dundee’. The work involved was incredible and it was overwhelmingly insightful for me to listen, see and acknowledge the undergraduates thought process through design. Any involvement in creativity within Dundee is what I strive to achieve as I make connections with my own career, giving me encouragement and drive to design, create and deliver high quality work as well as understanding in other artistic genres.

image         image

Long live the VEF and Dundee the Creative Design Queen.


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