Imagine a clear blue sky with only four clouds. Floating centrally is a large bronze disc decorated with letters and arcane symbols. Start at the top of the disc and move clockwise, spell out the letters, what do they read? T, A, R, O. The word TAROT forming when you return to the spot where you started. On top of the disc a turquoise Egyptian Sphinx rests, menacingly staring at us. In his hands is an almighty sword and he holds it with pride. Below him, rising up from below the disc is what appears to be a a humanoid body with a devil-like wolf’s head. A golden snake slithers down the left hand side and each of the four clouds hosts a winged animal reading a book. Setting the scene for the most mystically illustrated Tarot card.


‘Wheel of Fortune speaks of a time of fantastic opportunities. It’s about staying at the centre of the wheel where you can respond from a calm still place rather than getting whipped around and reacting to people and events. Getting grounded. Staying centred. Tuning in and trusting yourself. And remember, a tiny shift in direction now will result in a massive difference in where you end up.’ – Polka Dot Dakini (Urban Tarot).

I’ve never felt so in control of my life as I do now. I’ve spent the last two years exploring, discovering and conditioning myself to understand and admit to who I really am. This could be a frightful and unresting period as I unearthed demons buried under years of self-manipulation. I searched intellectually and spiritually, I built new relationships and allowed myself to experience unusual paths. I listened to my own needs and relied fully upon myself. I stopped expecting from others. I believed that I was unable to offer anything substantial until I learned exactly what it was I needed to live happily, achieve my ambitions and release my potential. In doing so I have reached a place where I can wake up with a smile on my face and butterflies in my belly, excited at the prospects that lay out in front of me. Sitting firmly on the centre of my wheel, taking on, with strength and confidence, anything that comes my way.

Self identification is how you see yourself or identifying yourself with someone or something else.

I would never be top candidate for a public speech. I’ve been mimicked indefinitely my entire existence for the high-pitched, piercing shrills that expel from my mouth. My regional accent is even difficult to decipher for people who live within my region and my pace is equal to that of an Olympic sprinter. Nerves make me fidget and my hands take on a life of their own. Give me a model’s hair to style or a dance to perform and I’m sure to be fine, but allow me to engage an audience through the art of storytelling and I may becoming a waffling mess.

‘PechaKucha, or ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, was developed by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo back in 2003. PKNs now run all over the world – our last count was over 800 cities and growing. It’s a simple quick-fire format – presenters show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. Presenters choose their own topic – their work, their loves, hates, hobbies or holidays!’ Creative Dundee.


I was invited by Creative Dundee to participate in Pecha Kucha Dundee Global Event, held at the Bonar Hall within the city. The night kicked off with an introduction by organiser Gillian Easson and a link with Pecha Kucha founders in Japan. I had never been to the popular event so I was unsure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed and warming atmosphere.

The first talk was given by Brazilian film maker Sam Goncalves who talked about his recent work ‘Coletivo’ a film surrounding protesters in São Paulo. Sam spoke with ease and his imagery was engaging and captivating. I was up next and should have been frantically reciting my speech round and round my head but instead found myself drawn in by the fascinating story of the social divide surrounding the Brazilian city.

Cue frantic, panicky behaviour.

I had taken the time to rehearse. All bloody week I had said that seven-minute speech in the car, in the shower, whilst hoovering, silently in my head whilst cutting clients’ hair at work. There was actually no need for the gruelling effort because as I walked up the three small steps to the stage, each and every word I had precisely practiced disappeared, evaporated into an abyss only to reappear as soon as my shaking legs hit the first step on the way back down.

Cue fight or flight reaction.

I’m a fighter so there really was no option. I blurted out my opening sentence and the next six and a half minutes were a fuzzy blur. I talked about my short career in hairdressing, my achievements, my goals and ambitions. Moving on to tell the tale of The Velvet Elvis Foundation and eventually the birth and growth of GG BOBS HER HAIR. I only managed to forget a couple of critical factors but the encouraging audience didn’t seem to notice and I managed to provoke laughter, a rowdy cheer and a few tears from my mum in the front row.

Cue that joyous sense of relief.

The last slide, a split screen picture of my family, brought a wave of relaxation and I felt my shoulders drop. I had managed to make it through without falling, spitting or swearing and the generous applause from the creative crowd suggested I did all right. A personal achievement gained and my fear of public speaking reduced by an inch or two. A truly wonderful evening and a brilliant idea to bring people of our vibrant city together to share outstanding stories of achievement within the creative realm. It has encouraged me to broaden my horizons and to seek collaboration with the innovative people of Dundee and beyond.


This Saturday I will be involved in DJCAD Dundee Service Jam where I have designed a creative and informative workshop on manipulating the texture of hair using various materials. I am working on an exciting piece of writing material with a hugely successful and renowned working photographer on a subject that is close to my heart.

Last week I had an in-depth and insightful tarot reading from a talented friend Pauline Hynd. The cards and informative nature repositioned me on my path and unearthed thoughts and feelings I’d unwillingly let get buried in the day-to-day running of life. I pulled The Wheel of Fortune which I described above and this card confirmed I’m in a comfortable place and has permitted me to release new energies and has given me the get up and go I need to pursue new creative ideas.

I encourage time alone for self identification.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. – Carl Jung
Long live The VEF and explore yourself, become your true Queen

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