I once nudged Katy Perry out the way so I can get a photograph with her pal. She was wearing a 1950’s one-piece with her hair styled in cute victory rolls. We were amongst revellers at an uber-cool Magazine launch in The Standard Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. It was a pool party, everyone to suave to be in the pool. I had no idea who Katy Perry was and never dreamed I’d cheekily pushed a global super-star out of the road. I’m almost certain we were the inspiration to her debut hit ‘I kissed a girl’…

It was August 2007 and I’d flown over to spend my summer break with my sister Hayley who had been living in Hollywood for a few months. Slogging hard in the garage of ‘It’ fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Hayley jetted out to The States employed as an intern for the wacky designer. Learning her much loved craft whilst causing a stir within the A-list clubs of LA. Photographed regularly for party websites including The Cobrasnake and Rony’s Photo-booth it was clear the young Dundee lass was making quite an impression and had set up a great reputation. She managed to blag the best guest-lists just as I arrived.

So how did a young girl from a small town on the other side of The Atlantic Ocean wind up in LA? Rubbing shoulders with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan or making friends with Sky Ferriera and Scout Willis or designing best selling prints for Jeremy Scott, who is now not only head designer for his own label but has Moschino under his trendy belt too. Hard work and determination, self belief and will power, positive attitude and understanding of her craft as well as a bucket load of talent. This being the tip of the iceberg, Hayley has since gone on to setting up her own label, with ten remarkable collections and still consistently surprising customers and industry insiders with cutting edge silhouettes and complementing colours. Having caught the eye of high street giants including Debenhams and Topshop, as well as stylists of famous faces including, Little Mix, Jessie J and Rihanna, there is no stopping this productive female.

We found ourselves in a small booth with a group of fun, eager Beverly Hills kids, the pool party was in full swing and our playful screams and childlike behaviour naughtily taking attention away from an American soap-opera actor who sat a few booths down. Gathering a crowd with our adolescent game of kissing each other after one too many Long Island Iced Tea’s, the night ended in heaps of laughter and the majority of our group jumping in a shopping mall fountain. Katy Perry finding inspiration for her debut single which was realised less than six months later, marking her rise of fame and eventually going on to perform at The Super Bowl 2015 to over 112 Million viewers inevitably wearing costumes designed by Jeremy Scott.

What’s most impressive with designer Hayley Scanlan’s work is everything is done under one roof, her small studio in the heart of Dundee is where the creative process starts and where the finished product ends. From concept to garment, everything is done by award winning Hayley and her small team. All fabrics and design tools ethically sourced, there are no signs of factories or sweatshops for this expanding business. Every piece made with love from the designers own hands. Friday 30th January 2015 seen the release of a limited edition collection from the design house, a collection which is an expansion of Autumn/Winters ‘Dusky Hustle’ using a unique colour palette with recognisable HS designs. It’s so lustful you will want it all.


Spring/Summer 2015 collection coming this April

Long live the VEF and Katy Perry the Pop Queen X Hayley Scanlan the Design Queen.


image image image image image image image image

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