“I immersed myself in books and rock ‘n’ roll, the adolescent salvation …”
― Patti Smith

Hey Rude Boys, Beatniks, Radicals, Mods, Rockers, Bikers, Punks, Hippies, Skinheads, Goths, New Romantics, Ravers and Rockabillies…..

In a world of tweets, retweets, selfies, hashtags and #tbt, have we lost our zeitgeist? Our gusto? Our gathered artistry? Do we need a kick in the sub-culture backside? A shot of nostalgia? a hint of attitude? a hip place to hang out or even a hip replacement? We all need some insight as to what’s going on within the realms of art, music, fashion and social affairs.

I present to you VEF MAG! Not just a magazine for fucked up kids.

One year ago three feisty females formed a kick ass girl gang, not to be mistaken for Charlie’s Angels, The Fox Force Five, The Lizzies or The Powerpuff Girls. The Velvet Elvis Foundation formed through a mutual respect of feminism, creativity and cultural and spiritual improvement. The only crime they sought to fight was the drone and grey abyss that defined our generation and the cultural decline of any form of unity that was seen in our pasts. A unity that can drum up a sense of power to the people and create an exciting awareness amongst our community and beyond. Gaining momentum through photography, writing and art the three have organised and involved themselves in local events generating a buzz through their creativity. The young ladies have developed a unique following, bringing their personalities and ideas into different walks of lives.

Now you can follow The Velvet Elvis Foundation in a daily dose of insightful inspiration and find out what’s making them tick or getting them excited. Creator and main contributor Titi Finlay takes the reigns of this online magazine. Whilst finding her feet within her recent move to Putney, SW London, established artist Titi documents her fleeting finds and interesting exhibitions through the medium of VEF MAG’s tumblr page. Her witty way with words and the soft, playful way she views the world has kept me entertained most mornings and she has already persuaded guest writers into sharing personal tales. Polaroid pictures of feminine freedom, memories of encounters with Sonny and Cher, pirate radio and a review of the Chris Stein x Blondie exhibition makes this online publication the first stop when hunting for what’s rad.

So quit Candy Crush, stop scouring your news feed, turn off the telly and start googling VEFMAG for your quick cultural fix, in 2015 it’s the only place to be seen.

Long live the VEF and wee Titi Finlay the online magazine Queen


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