So, so, so scandalous

Goin’ to the chapel
And we’re gonna get married
Gee, I really love you
And we’re gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel of love

I enter my third decade in just over two weeks time. This is incoherently to blame for making me suffer not only a regular hangover but an excruciating ache in between my shoulder blades, neck and Gluteus Maximus. Of course this can’t possibly be down to the fact that I may have caused such horrific injuries whilst artfully working the dance floor like Cha Cha DiGregorio or sneakily stealing the chambermaid’s trolley and whizzing around the corridors of the Old Course Hotel singing ‘We got Annie’…

I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a well thought out, elegant affair and I was over the moon to not only be invited to such a giddy soirée but also to craft and create, along with my talented sister Beth, the hair for the entire bridal party.

We arrived at the opulent venue around 9.30am and set out to work straight away. I’ve learned from much experience that no dilly dallying shall be prohibited whilst working under such a tight schedule. Tonging, setting, back combing and pinning, we were pruning efficiently to the very last minute. I’m extremely anal with my work, everything has to be strategically thought out and organised. I play games with myself to see how neat I can section or how perfect I can curl, I am also highly governed by time and hate to be rushed or moved quicker than my designated time space. Beth works artistically with few restrictions, I’ve seen her create a masterpiece within a few minutes with one or two kirby grips. These components make us the ultimate team and a force to be reckoned with. I work well with structure so I set out to lay the foundation of each style, masterfully prepping the hair on point and neatly ready for Beth to elegantly mould the beautiful shape. Such skill can’t be rushed and we both forgave our ‘getting ready’ time to make sure everyone was entirely happy with their finished looks. Our faces were saved by friend and make up artist Jill Sime who thankfully managed to spruce Beth and I up just before the service.

Set in the conservatory of the grand hotel, guests looked dapper in their finest cloth. Balloons and expensive decor placed around the beautiful sunlit room to personalise an intimate and unique service, Christmas trees and twinkling fairy lights giving a festive feel, it was hard not to get emotional throughout tales of the couple’s 12-year relationship. Fireworks surrounded the room as the groom kissed his bride and the couple triumphantly waltzed back down the aisle to ‘We go together’ from the hit musical Grease. Guests were served prosecco and canapés with views across the famous golf course and North Sea to be admired. The hilarious yet heart warming speeches introduced the four-course meal and an awe-inspiring magician moved around the tables entertaining with unreal tricks.

Shortly before the evening guests arrived I accompanied the bride back to her suite to redo her hair and help her change into her cocktail bridal gown. The ballroom had been transformed to suit the evening’s jazz theme complete with illuminated dance floor, chocolate fountain and photo booth. The first dance was again personalised with a recording of the bride singing Songbird by Fleetwood Mac and the wedding party were encouraged to join in. A five-piece Jazz and Swing band kept the dance floor full and the night seemed to disappear in a flash! It turn out to be a wonderful event with no stone unturned and no expense spared, it was obvious to all the couple relished in the whole day and the company of their closest friends.

I feel honoured and grateful to have such a warm and caring family like The Webster’s in my life and I thank them for letting Ruby and I join in their celebrations. I’m also grateful to be surrounded by great creativity within my own family and I think Beth and I make a pretty awesome partnership. This Thursday I travel back down to London where I will work alongside great session stylists at London Fashion Week, an accolade I’ve always dreamed of. I’ll be sure to name drop Beth Scanlan and hopefully we can go together next time round.

Long live the VEF and all the best to Sandy and Kim, we all had a scream QUEEN.

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