Describing somebody as a show-off carries an implicit endorsement of their capability: someone can only “show off” if they actually have something to show. An individual who seeks attention that they are not perceived to deserve is usually described much more dismissively as an attention-seeker or loudmouth.

The best description of my childhood years is written above in the latter sentence. I’ve always had a desirable longing to perform. As a kid it was either on the school stage, my gran’s living room or actually anywhere that would allow a jubilant, petite, fearless wee lass indulge her urge to recite poems, sing homemade songs, ballet dance, re-enact plays and musicals or just blatantly lap up the attention of adults, peers or anyone else who’d pay her any attention. Hayley and I even found it difficult to eat our tea without creating wondrous characters and spectacular scenarios.

My earliest childhood memories are that of visiting my Supergran, sitting on the floor between her legs whilst she patiently braided my hair and tied the ends with brightly coloured wool. Sups could only be described as an affable character, warm and kind in every way possible. There is no doubt she is the most influential person to touch the Scanlan sisters’ lives. She filled us with incredible stories. With no doubt whatsoever, we would believe her jaw-dropping tales of when she swam the length and breadth of the River Tay or how she toured and performed as a trapeze artist in the circus…

This is when my slight obsession with the circus began.

The thunder of hooves swiftly introduces us to this incredible film. Dandy Pike lurking through the battered doors to a withered abandoned factory, swaggering conspicuously through the barbarous conditions as he welcomes the daring cast of Circulus. Bravely balancing hand to hand, fearlessly flipping through the air, eye opening equilibristics, valorously vaulting over each other, synchronised cyr wheeling, jackpot juggling and The Pike tirelessly tap dancing, his feet hammering a frantic beat.
Performing over a spine tingling soundtrack, dressed down in baggy white shirts and braces, this three-minute film is nothing short of genius and sends the viewer into a state of anything but equilibrium. You will find yourself needing and wanting more. These breathtaking performers made more than an impact on BBC One’s prime time television hit show ‘Tumble’ where they dramatically impressed an audience of over five million with their acrobatic skills.

Circulus started less than 12 months ago, founded by Remy Archer, Tom Gaskin, John Thurston and Luke Hallgarten. Tom, Luke and Remy all met on the degree course at the National Centre for Circus Arts in Hoxton, East London. John was a friend who is an experienced circus production manager. They all share a love of circus and a passion to create and perform it in their unique and unusual way. The guys brainstormed and put together an impressive business plan then starred and produced the captivating ‘Abandoned Factory’ film. Investors were so impressed they gained a considerable creative arts fund grant which helped set up the Circus Company.

A far cry from myself gathering round my cousins in my grandparents’ back garden, using the washing line as a tight rope and forcing my younger siblings into weird acrobatic stances whilst dictating under the guise of Ring Master. Or using the bannister in Sups’ hallway as a ballet barre whilst dressed in uncomfortable leotards handed down to me from my big sister. I only did find out to my dismay that Sups wasn’t indeed a world famous trapeze artist who travelled around the globe with the circus until she passed away when I was 18 years old.

The Circulus Company have a great deal ahead of them. Gaining momentum speedily they are finding it difficult to keep up with their quick success. They have already had over 300,000 hits on their YouTube channel and have featured on American news channels as well as written articles in Huffington News and Business Insider. Fans will be eager to learn that many projects are lined up and the main objective is to create live performances, which they hope to premiere with a first major show in 2015. There is no stopping these sky rocket boys!

Watch this space.

Long live the VEF and all hail Sups, the Queen of Trapeze

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