I was still cutting hair as Kathryn arrived. I haven’t ever seen her look as good, unique in style she fashioned an impressive dark brown fur jacket finished with navy blue leather detailing around the cuffs and collar. The loose fringe I cut the day before was gracefully skimming her cheekbones and her whole face seemed to illuminate. Forever having too much to do within a small amount of time I swiftly finished off and quickly changed, foretasting the evening ahead. 

I’ve always had a thing for older men so you can only imagine my delight when Professor Mike Press asked me to attend as his guest The Dundee Wearable Art Awards Show held in The Rep Theatre’s Bonar Hall. I was even more delighted as he met us in the foyer, looking dapper in a polka dot shirt and Japanese inspired Issey Miyake overcoat.  

Dundee Wearable Art is an imaginative concept that sees artists and designers from Dundee and surrounding areas use the body as a canvas to display pieces of art. The night’s event was a fashion show where models displayed art contributed by contestants. A charity event with all funds raised going to Dundee WestFest and The Friends of Magdalen Green charities.

Mike Press programme director of design and craft at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art, has many accolades including authorship of three books. Mike consistently encourages the VEF girls and is continually pushing our creative boundaries, sharing with us his sublime taste in music and fascinating tales of his youth. Mike had been invited along to this unique evening as a judge, alongside Creative Dundee’s Gillian Easson and they were kind enough to invite me onto the panel to judge alongside them. Models elegantly displayed each piece upon the catwalk. The standard was impressive and it was a tough competition to adjudicate. 

Meanwhile, Wasp Studios at Meadowmill saw an even more prestigious event. Hayley Scanlan held a fashion showcase, exhibiting her latest H.S. range ‘Hustle.’ Dundee’s fashion elite were out in force and our paths crossed at The South Tay Superstore, the venue chosen to continue the disco-themed merriment from the successful designer’s main event. The Autumn/Winter collection is loosely based on Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface – Elvira. Silver drapes embellished the walls, a discoball illuminated the dance floor, an original 1970s cocktail bar was neatly installed and models showed off the wares whilst cavorting on narrow white podiums. A projected screen played music videos of 70s icons including Diana Ross. 

The Superstore busied quick and the wait at the bar saw Karlene and I make a sneeky exit. 

Karlene Alabama Rose was back in the city, visiting from the big smoke to celebrate her forthcoming birthday. Karlene cunningly bagged us guest list spots at the popular Rhumba club. Cheekily blagging VIP wrist bands, we snaked through the corridors of Fat Sams to be met by familiar faces in what can only be described as someone’s living room, with a propped up bar serving free drinks and decks in the corner blasting out 90s rave tunes. I enthusiastically took to the dance floor, with utterly no persuasion would I leave the spot where I’d happily thrown my hands in the air and was gratifyingly waving them around slowly above my head. I didn’t even notice Karlene leave and whilst I continued in my alcohol-induced dreamland, she organised late night snacks and flagged us a taxi. 

Making our way back to the Poley penthouse to continue our late night ramblings with homemade soup, jasmine tea and some inedible lemon and honey concoction, we which left an undesirable mess the next morning! Crawling into bed whilst charmingly turning down offers to continue the blow out elsewhere. It’s safe to say a fun, riotous evening was had.

Reflecting over the weekend left me feeling overwhelmed with pride at the creative talent amongst my family and friends. Dundee is an exciting city to be in right now. The creative hub of Scotland. 

Long live the VEF and Lizzie is such a ‘Rave Queen’ 

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