‘I was born a bitch, I was born a painter’ (Frida Kahlo)

We often look into the eyes of our children and picture their future, grabbing onto an idealistic view of how they should neatly fit into the missing jigsaw piece that society has pre punctured for them.

Ruadhan Scanlan didn’t fit that pre cut mould and by god, aren’t I glad!

Growing up in a household of six women you have no choice but to make yourself heard, to scream at the top of your voice, to let yourself be known. Living in the Scanlan household I often think we screeched a little louder.

For me, Ruadhan can shout the loudest but she does it in the quietest possible way, whispering her points of view and intelligently getting her opinions across. Subtly and stylishly under the pseudo Sunday Grrrl. Ruadhan is anything but counterfeit. This girl is the real deal.

With a wealth of talent and optimistic views, Ruadhan has taken to a project that she hopes can influence her generation into creating a better future for themselves. As an inspiring artist, she has collaborated with two other under 20s in creating a Scottish Pro Independence Zine in the run up to next weeks Indy Ref. The zine will be available at reputable outlets throughout the country and the girls hope to encourage people through the medium of art, poetry and music.

Targeting teens/twenty something’s the composition promises if anything to be fantastically artistic and thought provoking. They are encouraging their peers involvement and are calling all creatives to submit pieces for the zine. I will contribute a poem that I hope will make the final edit and secure a place in a wee piece of Scottish history.

So what gives this antagonist her zeitgeist?

Ruadhan reminds me of a young Patti Smith, defining an era, defining her generation. A youth of today making a stand and fighting a cause. Pulling in the Scottish rampant spirit and using it to create a positive message for the future of our country. A different approach to air views and political opinions, instead of sharing tabloid tales and Braveheart rants which are more often displayed through social media sites. Using art to create impact and making people stop to think. This girl has it all worked out.

‘No man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit.’ (Georg Hegel)

Ruadhan arrives at the Poley Penthouse, after filming a promo for the Yes Fanzine with Son of The Sea photographer, Dylan Drummond. She is casually dressed in a embellished, blue velvet tshirt, with baggy 501’s and navy superga’s. Her hair sits just below the shoulder in her classic, undone style. Her spirits are high and whilst I make Moroccan mint tea, we discuss the progress of the zine. Ruadhan says:

“We’re after anything that can be printed really. So whether you’re an artist, poet, musician, photographer – anything – get involved!”

“The zine is going to come out just before the referendum so theres going to be a lot of information to sieve through”

“We’re hoping to create something that’s refreshing, fun and accessible to everyone”

The Yes Fanzine is set to generate a lot of excitement, it’s a fantastic, light hearted way of getting the Pro Independence message across. Giving the youth a voice and letting them be heard. If you wish to contribute, contact Ruadhan direct at yesfanzine@gmail.com, all applicants will be considered and the girls are looking to keep the content fun and informative.

‘Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.’ (Martin Luther King)

Long live the VEF and vote Ruadhan for Queen!

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