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Ganton off Carnaby was the meeting point.

Wine still in the bottle and wrapped in paper was the drink of choice and the plans of the night ahead was the topic of conversation.  The Velvet Elvis Foundation shared their first London vacay together, even though it was certainly short it sure as hell was super sweet.

Panic on the streets of soho, mischief and mayhem at Trafalgar Square, equipped with Jaddery’s SLR and social media documentation well in abundance, the girls were sure not to disappoint friends and followers alike.

Whilst I headed back to 8 Northumberland, the venue for tonight’s event the annual, prestigious Scottish Fashion Awards and our home for the evening, a luxury suite gifted by Daddy Warbucks aka Papa Scanlan.

The remaining VEF girls frolicked fancy free, bombarding VEF enthusiast and encourager, Mr. Mike Press with short films containing predominately drunken interviews under the guise Gill Gillson of BBC Tayside.  Heading back to the VEF Headquarters (Tune Westminster) with Citroen Absolute and numerous cans of  San Pellegrino.  The girls did the only thing that was completely necessary in their current situation, they had a Pants Party and jumped on the bed whilst continuously calling me with random tales of their mild debauchery.

Once dressed in my metallic, mint green, sweetheart cut, midi Hayley Scanlan biker dress we headed down to the red carpet where we were papped alongside Vivienne Westwood, Talia Storm, Amy McDonald, Chris John Millington and David Gandy to name a few. Greeted with champagne and canapés I spent some time chatting to the lovely Christina, The Daydreamer, Alan of Ten30 and Mairi MacDonald as more special guests including, Proudlock (Made in Chelsea) and Pixie Lott arrived. Tru Diamond goody bags adorned the table and Russian Standard Vodka was free flowing, it looked to progress into a right Scottish knees up!

As ever my timing was impeccable, as I sneaked off to freshen up the awards kicked off and of course, The Young Scottish Designer of the Year award was first to be handed out. The title graced my big sister and fellow veffer Hayley Scanlan and she was mid speech on my return.  After Hayley’s emotional and heart felt acceptance where she thanked her friend and co worker Kerrie as well as all our family including my twin nephews Freddie and Oscar. To say I felt pride is an understatement, I was beaming from ear to ear. The ceremony itself was quick and went without a glitch, Laura Whitmore presented with ease and good humour. Other winners included, Jean Campbell as model of the year and Dame Vivienne Westwood who was inducted to the Scottish Hall of Fame for her contribution to fashion with the use of Scottish textiles. In her speech she credited the late Malcolm McLaren and gave opinions on Fracking and The Independent referendum, telling Scotland to go for it and vote YES!

Entertainment came with Pixie Lott taking the stage wearing an amazing pink suede Dusky Hustle biker dress by Young Scottish Designer of the Year 2012/14 Hayley Scanlan.

After the performance I met the rest of the foundation in the hotel bar where we supped our favourite tipple Espresso Martini and did an impromptu photo shoot with a pair of handsome Argentinian photographers (obviously).

Whilst we left the the fashionistas to party at the plush hotel, VEF had another invitation over in Knightsbridge that was too bloody good to turn down! Riotously stomping our way to the tube station, vodka in hand and a trailing a Keith Haring suitcase to boot it.  Tumbling down the station stairs, twerking in the carriage, collapsing in the walkways and a rendition of an Annie mash up were just a few of the frivolities our fellow passengers had to endure. Once we arrived at our destination we of course picked up a rickshaw to take us to the venue door.

Welcomed into Pizza Pomodoro’s by our good friend ex Drifter member Patrick Allan, who was introduced to us by Cirque du Soleil legend, actor, comedian and stunt man Mr Darren Tait aka Dandy Pike.  Pomodoro’s was intimate and dimly lit with an electric atmosphere, diners were entertained by renditions of soul classics by Patrick and friends.  The band were in full swing with a brass section included and the audience were encouraged to dance and sing along between courses.  With a small pizza to share and enough gin to clear a drought, it’s safe to say The Velvet Elvis Foundation were once more the life and soul of the party.  We were lucky enough to meet owner Ciro, who’s style was reminiscent of a Native American vs soft rock star, his venue is a favourite amongst A list celebrities and I fully understand why.

After the set we all tumbled outside, arranging ways to get us back to VEF Headquarters. We met an aloof, quiet gent who kindly helped with my bags and accommodated in taking us home.  We later found out said gent was Hollywood actor John Foo who’s portfolio includes Tekken, Street Fighter and the Batman movies.

A quick pitstop to purchase wine, sweets and a postcard of the queen, refueled we were back in our room and ready for bed. No VEF meeting would be complete without a screening of our favourite musical Annie so it was a quick photo shoot with The Queen then the three of us tucked up to watch Miss Hannigan, quietly chuckling to ourselves at how the night had unfolded.

Long live the VEF and God Sake the Queen!

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